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A Midas Touch

Equine Massage


Amber Moore

Moore accupressure and body work
Will be in Buckeye working on horses doing body work, energy work, kinesiology taping and accupressure.  It is between 70 and 100 dollars a horse depending on the services you want will be in Buckeye Nov 6 to the 15 and then back December 4 to March 1 call if you would like to make an appointment


Animal Krackers

Certified Gentle Equine Body Balancing, Massage Therapy and McLaren's Photonic Light Therapy.  Taking your equine athlete to the next level.

Kit 602-361-9740

Animal Therapy Systems

Animal Therapy Systems is the exclusive distributor of the Animal Calibrated Electro-Acuscope/Myoscope Therapy System. This system is the only biofeedback-modulated microcurrent therapy system available in human and animal health care today.

Presently, there are only two calibrations of these instruments available which are human calibrated instruments, and animal calibrated instruments. While other distributors may tell you that it does not matter which calibration you use on animals, that is absolutely not true. This is due to the fact that the biofeedback system being used by the human-calibrated instruments is neither correct nor precise when interacting with animal tissue. The results and responses will not be nearly as effective as when the animal calibrated instruments are utilized, therefore the treatment is undoubtedly compromised when using a human calibrated instrument on animal tissue.

Animal Therapy Systems is also the pioneer and founder of the ORIGINAL, most complete, and ONLY veterinarian approved Animal Acuscope Training/Certification Program, with qualified instructors located throughout North America and several other countries. Each member of the ATS Instructor Team brings over 250 combined years of experience and education in the animal health and wellness field to this program, and the members of the ATS Instructor Team have OVER 70 COMBINED YEARS OF ANIMAL ACUSCOPE EXPERIENCE ALONE! When working with Animal Therapy Systems, you can be confident that not only are you coming to the right place to purchase properly calibrated instruments, but that you are also coming to the right place to learn.


Bishop, Brenda VMD

Animal Communication

(910) 783-9740

Cameron Boyce

Equine Chiropractor


Carrero, Michele CEMT

Certified Equine Physical Therapist specializing in Equine Massage, Acupressure, Shiatsu, Myotherapy, and Neuromuscular Therapy.  Distributor of 100% Pure Glucosamine Sulfate.


Christensen, Tanya

Certified Equine Massage Therapist, Licensed Massage Therapist, and Certified Equine Touch Practitioner.  Specializing in soft tissue rehabilitation and performance enhancement.  Modalities include, Equine Touch, Acupressure, Myofascial Release, Deep Tissue, Myotherapy, Neuromuscular Therapy, Gait Analysis, Saddle Fit, and Stretching Programs.

Call 602-319-7054

Hahl, Tiffany

A microcurrent therapy system that has biofeedback capabilities and automatically adjusts internally according to the level of electrical resistance and impedance it detects in the tissue. The system has both diagnostic and therapeutic functions and can be used for rehabilitation or pain management. It has been proven to accelerate the bodies natural healing process by up to 50%.

(623) 332-3034

Feelin' Fine Equine Massage
LaRae M. Hulsey, CEMT

The Equine athlete can be defined as the high-level performance horse, the contest horse or as the backyard buddy horse. No matter how you define your horse, they all are athletes. What they all have in common is soft tissue pain. Massage therapy can help alleviate muscle fatigue and spasms thus reducing your horse's risk of pulling or tearing muscles. Feelin' Fine Equine Massage takes into account that each horse is different from their deciplines, atatomy down to their behavorial characteristics, and requires their own individulized care. Feelin' Fine Equine Massage uses a combination of techniques and offers several different services.     Massage also restores the freedom of movement by reducing the resistance to motion.  Massage is proven to increase your horse's health and performance levels up to 100 %! The goal of Feelin' Fine Equine Massage is to reduce mental and physical stress for your equine athlete by providing freedom of movement and pain free function. Please contact me to get your equine athlete on a monthly massage schedule and start noticing a difference!  Feelin' Fine Equine Massage serves Navajo and Apache Counties (the White Mountains) and surrounding areas.

(928) 245-2564  LaRae Hulsey


Kat Kronengold Equine Therapeutic Massage


Kaitlin Schuck

Is your horse competing and performing at maximum potential? Discover a holistic and non-evasive way to enhance your horse's state of mind, health, range of motion, attitude and all around well being. As well as assist in rehabilitation of injuries and illness prevention. Benefits of equine massage include: -Keeps muscles flexible and pliable, increases range of motion. -Relieves soreness, tightness and stiffness of joints and muscles. -Increases circulation to promote a stronger heart and healthier nervous system. -Cleanses the body of metabolic wastes, flushes sluggish lymph nodes. -Increases athletic performance in working horses. -Promotes assimilation of nutrients through out the horses body. -Improves postural alignment. -Stress and tension reliever, encourages peace of mind and relaxation. -Compensates in part, for lack of exercise in injured, sick or older inactive horses. To schedual your appointment today, please call: Kaitlin Schuck, Certified Equine Massage Physiotherapist and Movement Consultant. 


Ketaily, Mary

Animal Communication, Energy Healing, Behavioral Issues.



New Mexico Equine Spa & Rehabilitation Barrel Horse Training, seasoning, tune ups, campaigning. Colts through finished horses accepted. $700/ month. Equine massage therapy and rehabilitation; laser, swimming, muscle therapy, lay-ups, competition sports massage and stretches. Cindy Cash McNeal, AZ  nmeqspa@gmail.com

Pride in the Stride
Equine Massage Therapy
Kayleen M. Fenn, CEMT

Equine Massage is used to provide physical conditioning and relief to the horse with a variety of presenting needs. By using hands-on techniques, massage is helpful to reduce muscular tension, fatigue and stress. Massage Therapy has proven to increase equine performance and health by 100%. The techniques applied to each horse take into account their individual anatomy, physiology, biomechanics, and especially their behavioral characteristics.  Whether a sport horse or a pleasure horse, healthy or recovering from an injury, Pride in the Stride will offer each horse individualized care. Pride in the Stride offers a combination of services.  Massage and stretching are used to provide relief to overworked muscles and tendons.  Please contact me to get your horse on a monthly massage schedule to help increase performance and maintain a healthy horse! Pride in the Stride serves Cochise County and surrounding areas.

289-4646   Kayleen Fenn

SEB Equine Therapy

Electro Acuscope / Myoscope Therapy; Game Ready Equine; Synergy Compete Supplements

Sandi Biewald

Silver Lining Herbal Equine Supplements

Silver Lining Herbal Equine Supplements.  High performance needs quality nutrition. Used by clients such as Jackie Dube, Brittney Pozzi, and much more.

Kari Fernandez@ (520) 384-0861

Sharpe, Tracy

Equine Body Worker.

Offering; equine sports massage therapy, chiropractic, trigger pt. therapy, stretching, rehab. reiki master, physiology, photon therapy, T.E.N.S., acupressure, meridian therapy,  animal communication, phone consultations.  References available.  Will be in Buckeye, AZ January.




Southard, Melanie

Curatio Horse Massage by Melanie Southard
Sports massage gives you a dynamic tool to use in the care of horses. Melanie Southard will help to open your eyes and make you aware of things that escaped your notice previously. Subtle changes are detected at their earlier stages for intervention and care. In the performance horse, as well as the trail horse this knowledge is invaluable. Arthritis, joint problems, torn or over extended muscles and ligaments, injury and surgery are some of the more common ailments that massage can benefit as well as increased flexibility and reduced physical and mental stress which is invaluable in muscle injury recovery. Modalities and Techniques include: Sports Massage, Stretching, Equine Touch, Magnetic Therapy, Ice Boot Therapy

Temecula, Ca
(951) 265-6800

TheraPlate by Rhonda Hartman
TheraPlate by Rhonda Hartman 
TheraPlate services will travel to your barn or event. The host will receive 10% of the proceeds for each day they host to their business or organization.
or via text/call (405) 815-9620

Usher, Clell

Rising Sun Equine Therapy
Clell Usher
Track Certified therapist/Chiropractor
You will be amazed at the results.


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